The DUEL Trucks

DUEL Truck #1

Used in almost the entire movie. Destroyed at the end of the movie when it went over the cliff.
Wreckage removed, current location unknown.

DUEL Truck #2

Used in the added parts of DUEL when David Mann uses the phone at the laundromat. It also pushes the Valiant at the train crossing and pushes the school bus. Some sources indicate that this truck was blown up in another movie, or is possibly disassembled, sitting in a truck yard in southern California. Current location unconfirmed.

DUEL Truck From The Incredible Hulk

This truck was used only in The Incredible Hulk episode Never Give A Trucker An Even Break.
Current location unknown.

The DUEL truck owned by St. Louis Dumptrucks

Current location: St. Louis

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