DUEL & The Distributor

DUEL & The Distributor consists of 10 parts, with a total of 352 pages. The book is a big 8-1/2 x 11 inches and has 14 full page illustrations showing the DUEL truck. It is available from Gauntlet Press.

DUEL: The Foreward

DUEL: The Foreward is written by Matthew R. Bradley, who explains how Richard Matheson experienced a life threatening ordeal to get the idea for DUEL. He also goes into detail explaining the technique Matheson used to write the first draft of DUEL.

Also included are a few variations that were considered for DUEL, including the fact that Steven Spielberg wanted to make it as a movie with no dialogue. We also learn why the particular model Peterbilt was chosen as the villain and why Spielberg chose Dennis Weaver as the truck's prey.

DUEL: The Foreward is packed with DUEL information.

DUEL: The Short Story

DUEL: The Short Story is 22 pages long and starts off as a relaxing drive, just like the movie, but at the first mention of the truck, you realize things are going to get rough for Mann.

I have to admit, goosebumps appeared on my arms. You know it's a good story when you get scared by page one. I guess the movie had prepared me for the torment that the truck was capable of.

It wasn't long though, before I came across some familiar, humorous "Mann thoughts", many that are different from the movie. Mann even thinks of a few nicknames for the truck driver, but later actually learns his real name.

The evil, smoke spewing truck chases him for miles and miles, stopping only briefly at Chuck's Cafe, then it's back on the highway for some more high speed harassment.

The story is just as suspenseful as the movie, yet differs enough to energize your imagination, as you wonder how Mann can possibly survive. Richard Matheson makes you feel like you're right there in the passenger seat, helping Mann try to escape a killing machine.

You'll also be rewarded with an ending different from the movie. Every DUEL fan will love reading DUEL: The Short Story.

DUEL: The Script

DUEL: The Script is 91 pages long and includes descriptions of camera angles, Mann's thoughts and dialogue, much of which is different from the movie. It has lots of information, including the name of David Mann's company.

The Duellist: Interview with Dennis Weaver

A 7 page interview with Dennis Weaver where he answers questions about his career, DUEL and more. Very interesting.

DUEL: An Afterword

Written by Richard Matheson in March 2004, it includes information on the music score of DUEL, editing, casting and much more.

The Distributor: The Short Story

Written by Richard Matheson. This is the story of an evil man intent on destroying the lives of his neighbors. You better hope this guy doesn't move in to your neighborhood. Very intense reading.

The Distributor: The Script

158 pages. Includes extensive hand written changes made by the author.

The Distributor: An Afterword

By Matthew R. Bradley. Provides lots of information on how the story was created, and tells how it motivated some people to commit real life wickedness.

The Distributor: An Afterword

By Richard Matheson.

If you are a DUEL fan, you will enjoy DUEL & The Distributor.

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