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The Weed Burner

500,000 BTU/hr. output. Flame temperature exceeds 2000F and easily kills weeds. A quick pass of the torch destroys the cell structure and ultimately kills the weed. After a week of drying time, a second flaming burns the weeds completely. Flaming is most effective on weeds 1" - 4" tall. A 1 second blast of flame is enough to kill most small weeds. They don't have to be burned to a crisp to kill them. Bigger weeds require an extended blast of flame to ensure they are killed. Dim light and no wind makes it easier to see where the flame is directed. Weed flaming eliminates the need to spray expensive, dangerous chemicals. Pulling weeds isn't fun, but flaming them is!

Click the flame to hear the Weed Burner in action.

Don't try to use a tube bigger than 3" diameter, it won't work. The best way to make the 1/16" hole, is to drill a 1/16" hole in a 1/2" long 5/16-24 NF bolt and install it in the end of the 3/8" pipe. Drill it in a lathe if possible to make the hole straight. Apply silicone, teflon tape, Loctite or a gasket to seal it.

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