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Tim's Guns

Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Model 686 Plus .357 MagnumŪ/.38 S&W Special. 4" Barrel

Adjustable White Outline Rear Sight

7 Round Capacity. Loaded With Winchester .357 Magnum 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets.

Winchester Model 1300 DefenderŪ 12 Gauge Shotgun. TRUGLO Fiber Optic Front Sight. 7 Shot Capacity With 3" Magnum Shells. Fires Birdshot, Buckshot or Rifled Slugs. Weighs 6-3/8 Lbs.

TRUGLO Fiber Optic Front Sight Appears As A Bright Green Dot.

12 Gauge Shotgun With Custom Roseburg Grips

30-30 Lever Action Rifle.

Smith & Wesson M76 Submachine Gun. Semiautomatic and Full Automatic. .44 Magnum. 36 Round Capacity. 750 Rounds Per Minute.